Getting Started

Welcome to Community Mapping! Here are some first steps to get started before the ConnectCamp.

Start Learning

Read and watch introductions on the MapGive Website.

Register for an OpenStreetMap account

If there’s one thing you do before the Camp, register for an OpenStreetMap account. It takes just a few minutes.

Detailed instructions on registration in part 1 of “Learn to Map”.

Walkthrough the iD editor

The OpenStreetMap editor is called “iD”. On, search for your home town, and zoom in. Click “Edit”. The iD editor will take you through a tutorial.

More on this first step at OpenStreetMap Welcome

Read More!

There are many more resources on this page, Case Studies and Guides. Dig in!



This is the best place to start to understand the why and how of mapping.

Why Map? Learn to Map

Geospatial Revolution Video on Map Kibera

A video piece on Map Kibera. Map Kibera works with OpenStreetMap in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. This video shows the process in detail in the community.

Geospatial Revolution - Map Kibera


The best, comprehensive, self-learning guide to OpenStreetMap is LearnOSM.



TeachOSM is new, and growing, set of resources for educators to bring OSM into the classroom.



MapGive helped coordinate OSMGeoWeek in November. This featured 33 events across the globe, introducing OSM and working on a variety of projects. We developed an event planning guide, which has some helpful logistical tips.

OSMGeoWeek OSMGeoWeek Event Planning

OpenCities Guide

The OpenCities Project is organized by the World Bank GFDRR. They incorporate OpenStreetMap into efforts to address disaster resilience. The OpenCities Guide goes into great depth on setting up a project using OSM.

OpenCities Guide

Case Studies

These case studies illustrate several examples of how OSM has been put to use in community mapping.

Post Event Support

MapGive will provide several kinds of support after ConnectCamp.



We can schedule Google Hangouts between YALI Mendela Fellows and MapGive. Based on interest, we can present technical or programmatic concepts, or simple Q/A.

Individual Mentorship

For fellows seriously interested to pursue projects, we can set up mentorship relationship for MapGive to help in project development and technical issues.


If satellite imagery is lacking in a project area, additional imagery can be arranged through MapGive.

Learn more about Imagery to the Crowd

Statistics and Visualizations

MapGive can build analysis/visualization products of community mapping projects.


This website can update with developments from YALI community mapping projects.


Participating Groups

Get in touch to get involved

Interested in participating? Email to learn more.