Day 1

Tuesday, 9-10:30am

Introduction and Goals of Connect Camp Maps Sessions

5-10 minutes

Community Mapping Story

20 minutes

Explain the basics of OpenStreetMap and present an inspiring example. This may be an in-person presentation, remote presentation via Hangout, videos, or a combination.

Map With Your Feet + Drawn Map

10 minutes

Mapping with your feet is a physical ice breaker, which introduces basic geospatial concepts. Participants are asked arrange themselves in the room according to where they come from. Facilitators should only provide minimal help. This takes a large enough open space for everyone to move about. Participants themselves need to figure out which way is “up”, how they are positioned relative to each other, etc. There will be lots of discussion, bumping of shoulders, repositioning. When everyone is stable, do a flip chart map drawing of the participants, and tape to the wall. We’ve made a map!

Draw a Map of Your Place

10 minutes

Now participants return to seats. Facilitators pass out paper and pens. Invite participants to draw a map depicting something interesting / important about their place. It can be as accurate or abstract as each wish.


10 minutes

Create a “map gallery”, participants tape their maps on a section of wall. Have participants examine each other maps, then invite questions and ideas from the group on each other’s maps.

Hands On with OSM

30+ minutes

Technical session on tablet devices. Participants log in to OSM; search and browse their home place; edit and take the iD walkthrough; and start adding features. Simply tracing a few buildings is a straight forward starting place. Facilitators would bounce among participants as they have questions.

Important: Make sure any changesets have #YALI in the comments so we can track and visualize.

Hands on OSM / iD

Field Visits

Tuesday afternoon

Tandale and Binu Hub. Group may split in half to each site.

(If hosts have the logistical capacity, have the other half visit on the next day. Need to check on capacity for visit to Tandale and KINU.)

Day 2

Wednesday, 11-12:30

Hands On with OSM (continues)

30-45 minutes

Continuation of technical session. Go deeper into topics, via LearnOSM.

Intro Project Development

5 minutes

Present mapping project life cycle, illustrate thinking process, and set goals.

Break Out Project Development

30 minutes

Break out into small groups (of 4). Each group works to design together one mapping project; this could be based on one of the ideas from the map gallery yesterday. Each project needs to answer a number of questions, based on the the project mapping life cycle.

Share Back

15 minutes

Each group presents. Q/A session.

What’s Next

5-10 minutes

Hearty invitation to keep working with MapGive. Time for Q/A and broader discussion.

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